Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ok, tomorrow is my birthday (in case you were wondering or forgot).. Anyhow.. I have cake on the brain.. However, I can't decide..every site and recipe I find looks amazing.. I mean I stumbled across a PINK Lady Cake at SmittenKitchen and was tickled pink.. really.. so darling and strawberries are folded in.. I mentioned the strawberry obsession already..
Then last night I was trying to find cute treats for Missy's birthday since all the real heavy lifting will be for the Pump It Up crew.. I ran across all of Bakerella's cake pops.. How do I decide? The cupcake pops looks so cute and fun.. then there are all of the seasonal ones.. How much time can I spend on treats for 6 yr olds?hmmm... I know.. so maybe we need to host a Halloween Bash just to make some of these amazing treats I keep finding..
Speaking of which..cupcakes are always fun and I have so many cute cupacke displays, its almost mandatory I make some cupcakes..well just as I am thinking of cupcakes I come across these Designer cupcake baking cups.. Polka dots, gingham, and more! Who thinks of all these cute things? Too cute.. I know Julie will love them and put them to good use..She is the cupcake queen..
On a related note.. the queen of the ranch..or PW as we know here is releasing a cookbook!.. I want it.. Seriously.. Have you seen her site, the recipes? did you bother reading yesterdays post about cakes? Both were from her! I can only imagine how FABULOUS this cookbook will be.. Is there a midnight line for it? If so I will see you there..this is bigger than Twilight..
Ok, off to dream of cake, pastries and coffee..


  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and holy cow what a GREAT cupcake site! LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing, you know I'll be makin' a purchase. :)