Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What I want for my birthday...

Well as you know its that time of year.. The most wonderful time of the year.. well my year.. my birthday month kicks off Fall and I just love it!..
Anyhow... you know I LOVE coffee.. I just stumbled across this COFFEE CAKE over at Pioneer woman.. I know. I hate her too.. and now coffee cake.. What I am going to do? how can I justify making coffee cake for myself.. I would eat the whole thing and not share.. So if you love me, you will make this cake for me.. I would share it with you....please..
Ok, so you aren't a coffee fan.. STRAWBERRIES are my favorite.. Always have and always will be all about the strawberries.. Think Strawberries in summer, ice cream..this cake..also by her. I know.. it's not fair.. the man, the kids, the ranch and FOOD..
You know where to find me.. my own ranch.. no one bearing cake has ever been turned away.. ok, no one has ever brought me cake ..
A girl has to try..

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