Sunday, October 18, 2009

Must slow down....

I am tired..we are tired.. Maya and Martin took a nap today.. As much as I wanted to I didnt.. I was on a mission to find my coupon organizer, clean the kitchen for the 50th time in two days, get some laundry put away, sort through Missy's gifts, bake more banana bread, write out a few more thank you notes, make a mini scrapbook for my mom, upload my pictures, oh and figure out Picasa.... you catch my drift. Oddly most of that got done, along with 2 Target runs for household items, birthday gifts, halloween candy and even a few Christmas gifts.. Can you hear the Ca-Ching sound of those purchases.. yeah. me too..
You will just have to bear with me while I recover.. I will fill you in on Maya's Pump It up Party..her Lion's Pride on Friday.. The yet unwrapped bday gifts from mom and dad and the all night poker game..

For now I will leave you with a random picture of our little family.. Its our Disney pic.. Its us huddled into the image.. It was a great day.. Before Maya was in the "school system" when we could take a random Friday off and trek to the House of Mouse. It was when we had passes and when we learned how much Maya loves rollercoasters..



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