Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pizza from the Gods...

Ok, I think we all know and love pizza.. Yesterday, however, I was dumbfounded by the best pizza I have ever tasted south of San Francisco.. Some day I will find that place, again.. but I digress... Until then I have a gem in my own back yard! I must share..

I must spread the word about this place because not only are they Green, gluten free and organic, they are DELICIOUS!!.. Which really is the only thing that matters to me, the rest is bonus.. The rest means we sleep better at night.. But the taste was out of this world.. The name Pizza Fusion does nothing to tell you about how fresh and fabulous the ingredients are.. I mean this is not a pepperoni pizza place like we are all used to..This is not your kid's greasy cheesy pizza.. Don't get me wrong, every once in awhile only that will do, however, for the rest of the time we just avoid pizza, stick to a diet and only if the taste, flavor and preparation is worth it do we indulge in ingredients like feta, artichoke hearts and cheeses not processed and orange colored.. This is pizza for people with a real palate..
Ok, again, getting ahead of myself... I can pass up most samples (Costco is no longer a caloric mine field) but I was fortunate enough to peek into the very traditional pizza box in time to see Kalmata olives and artichoke hearts on the sample tray.. How could I pass that up??

I tried, I kept thinking of my diet.. but my nose had taken control of my legs and was determined to get closer to that food.. the kind and friendly guy holding the box outside of Trader's Joe's said, I have 2 types..would you care for a sample? I looked again..inhaling the aroma which knocked me over... I asked if that was feta cheese..his grin confirmed..Yes, Feta on the Greek Pizza.. hmm.. That one 2x4 inche rectangle was glorious..The olives were tart against the smooth feta.. I was amazed at how mild it was and almost thought it was goat cheese.. A happy me continued on my way into Trader Joe's with a menu in hand.. I savored those three small and tasty bites.. I sailed pasted the TJ samples..afterall I just had a pizza like no other and I was beyond satisfied...
Next thing I know I am at the register and the cashier asks "Is this menu yours or trash?" What? No, Mine.. It belongs with me and not in the trash.. "Oh yes, I just had a sample outside.. It was awesome" I told him..The guy smiled at me and says "Yeah, well if you turn around..that guy is the owner"... Oh wow..
On my way out of TJ's the kind man who introduced himself and smiled at my compliments on his pizza offered me a free pizza.. What could I say? I couldn't believe my luck.. I double checked and he was talking to me.. no cameras..just us walking out of TJ's.. Is there a camera somewhere? I mean I didn's ask him for anything I just gushed about his pizza.. But it was honest gushing.. again.. did you read? Feta, Artichoke hearts, kalmata olives.. yes, in the words of my dear friend.. BEYOND FABULOUS!

In less than 20 mins I was gifted my special pizza and rushed home to enjoy.. savor the pizza.. That slice was worth those grueling 60 mins on the treadmill. (I told you I was on a diet.. I must burn off anything extra). The other 3 slices are carefully and individually frozen for later enjoyment.. YUM!

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