Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to...

A very special friend.. Dan is one of my oldest friends.. He is one of the 3 Dan's and family..
We have known each other half our lives.. It's crazy.. We have been through it all.. We met in Middle school and here we are about 20 yrs later grown ups.. Right...
Now we are both married, have kids, jobs (by the time this post happens he will have yet another job).
Then we had crazy car rides through the backkroads of Vista, pool parties and music.. We rocked out to 3rd bass, PM Dawn and Kool Moe Dee.. To name a few..
We have a special bond and I am so grateful that he has welcomed MAG into his poker playing circle. It means so much that they are friends..
Dan is a crazy passionate Scorpio to the tenth power..
As soon as I can scan in a vintage Dan picture I will post.. I promise..
Happy Birthday!
Love ya!

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