Sunday, October 25, 2009

A busy bee weekend!

October is beyond crazy and that was what this weekend was for us.. It was soccer and 3 bday parties.. It's too funny when even Maya wants a break.. Somehow we made it.. Now we just have Halloween.. What is not to like? Candy, costumes and general corniness... Love it.. Love the fantasy of it all..

Here is a sneak peek at our weekend..


Maya had to play the entire soccer game! Those of you who know Maya, know that a full game is too much.. She has little legs.. or something like that.. she plays when she wants, sits and subs herself when she wants.. That girl knows what she will and will not put up with on the soccer field.. We only had 3 players.. They were exhausted and hot.. They survived and won 5-3 (yes, we do keep score)...

Maya and Mateo,
Friends forever!

Mateo's party was a bouncing blast at Pump It up.. Yes, that girl loves to Jump and Slide.. Hold your ears.. Its all about noise at Pump It up.. we got to see so many old playgroup pals.. it was good.

Next it was off to the Izguerra's for Abelito's 25th.. I can't believe he is 25! I used to nanny for him. I made him mini-pancakes and chaned his diapers.. Now he and Maya even share a bday!

Mama Mona even showed up as the Money Lady!. Love it..Desiree is perfect as a Vamp Girl.. Lala struts her deadly stuff..

All of that in one Saturday.. Not to mention the house cleaning, Target run, work out, picture taking.. you name it we were in it and ate it.. There was food! We needed fuel..


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