Saturday, November 7, 2009

Homemade pie...

Missy and I woke up on a baking mission. I had been wanting to use my new pie plate ever since I first laid eyes on it.. It was a gift from mom.... This is not just any plate. Its Red! The edges are ruffled.. Love it..I couldn't find my regular recipe so I improvised one based on a few other recipes I found.. Martin only likes crust, so Pate Brise from Martha was a must.. I like a tart apple and not too sweet of a filling so I borrowed from Ina Garten's apple pie recipe and added orange juice and extra lemon juice.. the result..well yummy and pretty...

Missy on the other hand was all about the flour.. at one point I wondered if there would be any left.. she was happy to spread it all over the counter..But baking is always fun with her as my sous chef.. Now that she can vaccum and sweep on her own. its even better, less clean up for me..

Let me know when you want to come over for some pie..
It will be waiting..

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  1. Looks yummy! Do you have any vanilla ice cream? If I'm strong I can resist apple pie. But I can never resist warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream. I can be there in 35 minutes :)