Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's a sickness I tell you...

Fabric has this power over me. For my fellow quilters, I know they get it. As someone who is dipping my toe into real sewing, its even more dangerous.. Whereas before I would see a quilt or a hanging now I see aprons, bags and clothes.. Its dangerous. It's expensive.. Today as I was roaming around the blogosphere I ran across some cute sewing sites. As I admired their done projects.. I clicked around and landed here:
The site has a cute blog but what grabbed my eye was the bright ad for 40% off total order.. Are you kidding me? I mean I have seen 25% off and I have even seen the clear out sales for Christmas fabrics but 40% off on new stuff..NEVER!
I thought well, its old fabric, they have nothing I want or nothing I even know about. I was wrong.. I found several lines that I have dreamt about and more that I know I must have in my stash for upcoming projects.. I almost called Deanna to wake her up when I saw her line "Authentic" on the front page.. I know she will whip up some cute outfit or cover a chair in that amazing fabric..
I have to wait and let it sink in. I am off to workout and figure out in my head how much fabric I can buy before I will notice it on the credit bill.. I have NEVER purchased fabric online. It wasn't in me to buy online. I figured if I restrained myself to what I had to physically find and purchase I would surely keep within my budget. My budget is very worried..Wish us luck.

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