Friday, November 13, 2009

Dressing up

Last Sunday Maya cashed in the last of her gifts.. Yes, I know, more presents..How blessed can one little girl be? Well blessed she is..She was gifted with Lion King tickets by grandma.. Yipee for grandmas!
Well it meant mom needed to show her the proper play ettiquette.. I mean besides the fabulous play to be seen, you want to dress for the occasion. What better excuse to splurge on a real dress than a play.. I had scored a great deal on a lovely knit dress at Janie and Jack.. Have you seen that store? Danger Will Rogers.. Danger to the wallet.. However, frugal fiend that I am.. I had gone shopping on my anniversary and dared to peek in that lovely store front. Of course, I had to see what was moving from the main stage to the sale rack.. In that store sale is still thought provoking.. Well this dress had Maya written all over it. First of all it was PINK.. and BROWN.. Yes, those of us who were made in the 70's and kids of the 80's love retro Baskin Robbins colors.. This dress however made me melt when I saw the matching beret.. I mean really why can't us 30 somethings wear a beret without it looking like a cheap B movie? C'est la vie..

She was an image.. What you can't see is her heels! (We must fire that photographer!) At 6 she wore her first set of peep toe pumps.. Yes, I too was shocked to find a brown suede, ruffle over the peep toe pump.. For a 6 year old.. Who knew? Well one look at them and she thought she would walk to the moon in them..

The best thing was watching her trying to walk in these little heels.. Adorable.. I could still see my little girl..
The play was amazing. There are no words for the loveliness of the animals..Their interpretation of the "Circle of Life" was inspiring.. Maya was staring and singing along to the whole show.. I hope those memories stay with her..

Thanks for the memories grandma! (from Maya)

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