Thursday, November 5, 2009

The many faces of Maya....Halloween edition

Maya, like her mama, loves all things Halloween! Finally! someone who get's it..

For Storybook character day at school she decided to be Mulan.. Thank you to auntie Katherine for the authentic Chinese clothes.. They fit perfect and she was easily confused for Mulan.. There must be some Asian in these Mexican genes because look at my kidlet.. I promise she came from my loins..

Then for Halloween it was Ashoka from Clone Wars.. Its all about the Clone Wars mom! Its the light saber.. I am the side kick, I have speed and did I mention a Light saber?

Maya as Ashoka, Grace as a Strom Clone Trooper and Maria as a Butterfly..

We had a few other Star Wars heros join us for Halloween..

Mateo made a fabulous Luke

His father, Darth Vader, was hissing in the background..

One of the cutest kids however, was Miss Lily, as a Ladybug.. How happy is she to have a full bucket.. Don't you just want to squeeze her?


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  1. This is SOOOO CUTE!!!

    I miss my beautiful Mulan =/