Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Projects

Yes, I know the shock of Halloween having passed is still fresh.. However, its already November.. The air is crisper.. My mind starts to think of baking and tamales..It's almost Christmas time.. The holidays are trurly my favorite time of the year..
What is not to like? I mean , for us, having a "forced" two week vacation is amazing.. We get to lounge, sleep in, take day trips or longer without worrying about work..
This year we got a good start on the Christmas shopping but more importantly the projects are under way.. I tend to have a handle on the Christmas list as I do not like to see a mall in Decemeber unless its for the decor..We are over 80% done with the store bought Christmas gifts, now we can focus on the creating memories and those projects!
Yes, there are always more projects than time.. Well this year is no different. I had one big project that I HAD to get done. Having a deadline like Julie's Nov 5th deadline for quilting or the fact that the item is a CHRISTMAS gift really lights a fire under me.. Its been a long time coming and my fingers are raw and my joints are sore from all the stitching but the "It's a Wonderful Life" quilt has been submitted.. I worked and pieced and adjusted the appliques.. Its Done!! Julie will quilt it and when I get it back I will bind it.. I can only hope they like it as much as Martin does.. He couldnt believe it was not a keeper..
It's a Wonderful Life Quilt
Happy Saturday!
It's time to bake an apple pie...

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