Saturday, June 27, 2009

Work in progress

This week the floors are getting a make over. After 7 years in the house we have finally saved up enough to install tile and laminate.. Bye bye to trying to bleach out the stains on the vinyl. No more vacuuming the carpets and trying to avoid spills for fear of stains.. The new materials are sturdy and easier to clean..
Here are some shots of the work in progress.. Don't look too close as you can imagine what it means to have the entire first floor of the house ripped out..

This is the family room..

The front living room also got laminate...

The bulk of the first floor is now this large tile.. Don't you love the staggered pattern? It was inspired by the cobblestone quilt pattern I love..

I was truly surprised to see how much different the house looks in the new flooring. I am glad that the "consulation with my pillow'' worked out.. I stressed out about the money for so long. I drove my husband and the flooring man crazy with calculations and sceanarios.. In the end taking on just the first floor was the perfect solution.. We can wait another year to tackle the second floor. In the mean time we can enjoy these floors and the decorating process. A little touch up of the paint and a few new additions here and there. We will have a new and improved house to enjoy and entertain in..As soon as I get some time to clean.. the disaster that is my house has me wringing my hands.. We need to clean out the non-essentials.. I am thinking garage sale time.

Have a great one!

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