Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In Need of ideas for teacher appreciation.. Help!

Ok, people.. I need you.. I need some ideas.. Here's the problem.. I need a cute idea for teacher's gifts. The real problem is that today is Wed and I need it by SUNDAY! I just found out that one of Missy's preschool teachers is moving out of state.. So my original plan to get all her preschool teachers together over the summer was ruined.. Now I am going to try to host them this Sunday.
So what do I give them? I plan to make lunch for them.. Baked brie for starters.. No clue on actual meal, must have some salad and bread but debating between a heavy lasagne or a chicken breast creation.. Again- SO OPEN TO IDEAS HERE.. Dessert is either chocolate cake as in Nigella's quadruple chocolate cake or something from that French Bakery that I keep trying to avoid. Hey as far as I am concerned an appreciation lunch is a great reason to step into that little heavely place and purchase some sweet and deliciously fattening treat...Right?
Julie has some super cute ideas on Tattered Threads but they require time.. which I dont have!
Candles are too generic. But I will resort to them in a crunch as I have some faves that even I wish someone would give me... I am going to see if I can whip out 3 aprons on Friday night..Is that too practical? They are all very different but I don't really know them well enough to know specifically what they would want.. I loathe the idea of gift cards, that means you don't want to try or the receiver is picky (Its ok, there is a 12 step program for that).. I can't do food gifts as I have already made them scones, carmel apples, cookies and other edibles..
Eagerly anticipating your suggestions.

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  1. Did you try Tip Junkie and Skip to My Lou? Just a girl has some good ideas, too, here: