Saturday, June 20, 2009

$5 find!

I have been wanting to post about this for 2 weeks.. It was my new "honey do" project.. Martin has taken to sanding and painting like a fish to water.. As a matter of fact, he took to this project so fast I have no "before" picture.. Look at this cutie..

I was out for my morning stroll, I was feeling guilty because I didn'g get up at my O'dark thirty on that particular Sat.. The universe had something better in store for me.. I had no clue.. As I passed a corner street pole I noticed a "garage sale" sign.. I usually ignore them as I don't usually find anything good. I don't have the gift that my aunt Hilda does.. Anyhow..for some reason I noticed the sign and felt like I needed to check it out. Again, this was odd. I had no money with me and the sale was off my path and away from home.. Something was tugging at me.. So I figured I'd extend my walk and make up for the late stroll.. As the sale came into sight I noticed an old school desk. The kind I remember sitting in during my elementary years..

I walked faster and straight to it. It was covered in stickers but in great condition. There was a $5 yellow sticker on it.. I thought surely it was not the price tag just one of the many stickers.. But with confidence I asked if it was really selling for 5 bucks.. The owner smiled and said yup..we just need to clean things out.. I quickly explained that I was walking and had no money with me but if she would hold the desk for me I would be back to buy it in less than 15 mins.. she agreed.. I literally ran home. I don't run but I did that day.. Afterall, there were two older ladies there asking about the desk ( I accidentaly walked in the wrong direction to a dead end and had to pass the sale by on my way home.. I raced by saying.."it's mine, I will be right back".. )

Once home I grabbed car keys and asked Martin for cash- how he always has cash is beyond me.. All on my own I figured out how it get it to fit in the back of the PT.
Martin finished it last night after about 2 weeks of working on it.. Today Maya sat at it to color and then throughout the day just to sit.. Before I sent her to bed she was coloring and she started chanting "I love my desk"... I couldn't agree more.. What a find!

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