Saturday, June 27, 2009

Scraps for sale?

Designer scraps at that.. Who knew that people sold their scraps? This designer is one of my new favorites, Anna Maria Horner. I love how vibrant her colors are.. When I see her fabrics I want to make dresses or flouncy skirts with lots of layers for Maya. You can tell my fantasy hat in on as I have yet to sew her one clothing item, but I am determined.. I can just see her glowing as she plays in a dress made from these hues.. Not to mention, I have some certified easy patterns for patchwork skirts that I think will help me transition into clothing..
Anyhow- back to the tip.. This particular designer sells her scraps..Who wouldn't want them?? I have always horded my scraps because some day I will need them. I will use them to make those darned Mini quilts that I have avoided.. I will surely decopage something or use them in a great bit quilt or a quilt backing.. It they are bigger than 2x2 they are part of the stash..The possibilities are endless. There are yo-yos to make.. Maya could surely learn to sew with those iddy bitty pieces. My quilting classmate may need another batch for her pin cushions.. People please scraps are not for tossing.. If you are now properly convinced check out her website and look for "scrap bags". I wouldn't dare send you stairght to the scrap bags page, that would deprive you of seeing her other goodies..
Scraps for sale.. Who knew?

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