Saturday, June 27, 2009


This glorious Saturday afternoon we are going to the park to meet up with some friends.. These friends share a common history.. we all worked at the now non-exisitent Peregrine.. Some day I will delve back into that whole fiasco.. However, after all these years a few of us are still friends.. While Sharon and I have become even closer..

Sharon and I have been through thick and thin.. We are sister-friends..We sign our notes to eachother with Lylas (Love ya like a sister).. As 80s as that is.. We were meant to be friends and have become family.. We were just becoming friends when I married Martin.. We quilted together before kids..We took entire days to go shopping and get our hair done by Alfred.. We survived the last 10 or so years and our friendship is one of the few I know will last.. We now can only dream of the day when our girls are sewing together..It will be sooner than we expect I am sure..Maya and Sophia get along great.. The already love each other like sisters.. Maya told me that Sophia was like a litter sister only different after their last playdate.
This picture taken last month of them is my favorite and I had to share it..

Can't wait to play in the sun..It's time for "hee hee girl time" as Sharon calls it..

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