Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fantastic Father

I can't say enough about what a great dad Martin is.. Maya is one lucky girl.. She is the apple of his eye and from the moment Maya entered the world I knew Martin was committed to her and her future adventures..
I am grateful for the husband and father he is.. He makes a daily effort to say "I love you" to both of us. We are his girls..we are a family. He shows us through both his actions and words how much he cares for us and that gives me the strength to put more into our family..
I could list off a hundred little things and even more big things that he does day in and day out.. It's everything from throwing out the trash, brushing Maya's teeth, working on house projects, driving when its dark because my night vision is bad, working long days, singing Kids songs in the car, checking all the doors at night, taking Maya to Disneyland for the day on his own, video taping soccer games, packing lunches, holding Maya for naps and everything in between.. He is a provider, a protector and a silly dad all in one..

I thank God for a wonderful Husband and a Great dad for Maya.. We are so blessed.
To all the Dad's out there.. Hope you have a great one..

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