Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's My Life (Part 2)

Well here's the second installment of the series on family history. As you know the original post is over at Julie's blog.. I am really enjoying the process mostly because I am always fascinated by people's stories.. The fact that this is mine is trival.. In reality it is the story of my family and in so many ways I have always been the family historian.. I am the only one who really loves to remember the grandparent's and try to figure out the family tree.. For me this is an opportunity to capture it in writing.. I have lots of oral stories..
Questions for this week.
1) Was yours a religious family? Not in particular.. We did go through a phase during my mom's first marriage where we went to church on Sunday's and said the rosary after dinner at the Cortez house.. We received all our sacrements in the Catholic church. We always knew to how to pray, the order of mass. My grandmother Ramona did not frequent chuches but was a firm believer in God and the ability to connect and pray directly with God.
Were Sunday's spent together as a family? Not for religious reasons.. We didn't have a routine around Sunday's. We usually spent Sunday's at home cleaning, doing homework, cooking extra meals and getting ready for the week.
2) Did your family take vacations? No.. We did not have the luxury of vacations. When I was in high school we took a few camping trips and a road trip to Milwaukee with our step dad. My first real vacation was to Colorado with my mom and brother. We were allowed to go with her since she needed to work while in Colorado..Did you go to the same place every year? Nope..
3) Do you remember any special stories your grandparents told you? Yes, my maternal grandmother, Ramona, would tell me that when it rained on earth it meant God was watering his garden in heaven.. That he was cleaning the earth and providing water to the plants on the earth as well.
Did you sit on a lap when you heard there stories or did you hear them when you and your grandparent walked hand in hand while taking a stroll? Actually, I remember the stories at bed time. When I stayed at my grandmother Ramona's she would brush my hair at night before bed..
Do you tell any of these same stories to your children? Yes, I have also told my daughter that God is watering the garden in heaven.
4) Did your grandparents live near by? My maternal grandparents lived in Tijuana, Mexico about 2 hrs away from us in Los Angeles. My paternal grandparents were divorced but both lived in San Diego.
How often did you visit their home? I spent much of my first 4 years at my maternal grandparents house.. Apparently I also spent some at my paternal grandfather's but I do not remember any of that. When I was a preteen and teenager I spent time with my paternal grandmother, Antonia.. Mostly in the summer time or an odd weekend.
Did the house have any special smells? My maternal grandparents lived in a tiny 2 room house. It always smelled of something cooking. My grandmother, Ramona, was a great cook and the house mostly smelled of cinnamon to me.. On cleaning day I remember Pine sol and bleach.
What did the couch feel like? I don't remember since her dolls sat on the couch. We often sat at the table or directly on the beds. At my grandmother Antonia's I always loved falling asleep on the couch.. It was confortable..
How big was the kitchen? At my grandmother Ramona's it was tiny.. There was barely enough room. The stove and the table took up 80% of the room.. It was cozy.. At my grandmother Antonia the kitchen was newer but still small. We mostly ate out.
Ok, that's it for this week..
Have a great one!

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