Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Missy was ready in red today for her "graduation"..

Missy and her friends from school were all dressed up for the special day..

I know it sounds odd that our kids "graduate" from preschool but they do.. I won't ruin the moment with silly babbling about graduating at 5 and all the other "milestones" that get recognized these days..

What I will say is how nice the photo montage of all the kids was, how tear jerking the poem was and most importantly how special is was to hear the kids sing and sign "The world is a rainbow."
Today marked the transition from preschool to Kinder. It was the last hurrah for for kids who will now be expected to perform and earn real grades.. Off they go to "real school" for learning and growing.. Here are some pictures of the sights of 20 something preschools on a stage in front of family, camera's and teachers..

Schools out!


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