Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who knew?

Seriously.. Who knew that finding Danskin Footed tights in Light Toast would be such an adventure.. What was I thinking when I opted to buy them myself instead of ordering them with the costume?.. Can you tell I am a newbie at this Dance business.. Well lesson learned. Whether I will get to apply that knowledge remains to be seen.. Maya teeters between loving her costume, and bouncing every time she sees the older girls do their routines to hating the fact that she has to practice once a week.. I havent told her that as she gets older they practice even more.. I will save that for a good day..But I digress..
I knew I had to get the tights and just figured they would be available.. I decided to use my lunch hour wisely and avoid the weekend crowds.. Well, let me tell you I was gaining nothing. I was shocked to hear that the tights were sold out and no one in a 40 mile radius has them in stock. To add insult to injury someone at the manufacturing company decided to relocate the entire Danskin factory during the height of dance season.. gee thanks!
I came home and did some quick online searching without not much success.. I called south of the 40 mile radius and again no luck.. I then got a call from the studio reminding me of the pictures during the next class.. In addtion, they wanted me to remember that she must be in full regalia, make up, costume, and hair do.. I then asked her for help on the tight issue. I informed her of my troubles.. I think I heard her laugh under her breath.. She then rescued me and stated that they had a pair in stock..Hellelujiah! I told her I would be down there in the evening and could she please set them a side.. There I went into town, again, because of course, they could not have them at the north studio which is less than 2 miles from my house.. No, it had to be in Temecula proper and a full trek to the other side of town..Just before 8pm I got them. The costume is now complete..
Now on with the show..

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  1. Tights, costume, hair and makeup? Maya must be in heaven :)