Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Quincenera

Yesterday was Christy's quincenera.. It was the party we had looked forward to for about 6 months. Maya has been waiting to see Christy in her beautiul gown.. For those of you not of Mexican decent, a quincenera is a coming of age ritual celebrated at 15. Its similar to the American Sweet Sixteen or a debutant ball..I have often explained it to people as a wedding without a groom..

It's an event filled with tradition including a religious blessing at church. The priests sermon consist of asking for God and all present to bestow love and guidence on the girl at this pivotal time in her life. The time marks her transition from being a girl to being a young lady.
Then there is a celebration with some ceremonial dances including a few waltzes and the presentation to society..

It was a beautiful event from start to finish. She had a good sized court which included our other cousin, Amanda..
I can see her quincenera in my mind's eye.. Just the thought makes me well up.. more tissue please..


P.S. For my quilting friends, the blue green quilt was finished Friday night.. I love the alfresco fabric. Christy said she loved the quilt.. Darn, I guess that means its not coming back..

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