Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sleepy Saturday

The weather turned on us.. We went from warm summer like days to a hazy and cool day..
It was a lovely day for doing a whole lot of nothing.. Which is what we did and all I can say is it was great..
Soccer was rough today. We tied at the last second, literally. The girls were tired and bruised by the time the game finished.. We have never had a game like that. It must have been the weather too..
After soccer we lingered on the field longer than normal. Usually we have plans, people to meet or something to do.. Not today.. We said hi to past teammates and parents, we visited the AYSO tent and saw the gang.. It was nice to see the big kids playing, the fields were full..
After showers and a grocery run we came home for lunch.. The couch was calling and we all answered. Maya and Martin slept for about 2 hours.. I managed an hour since I was catching up with Sharon.. I missed her! She's been up to her ears in caring for others.. Hoping we can meet up in person soon...
Next thing I know its almost dinner time and we are still relaxing the day away on the couch.. Deanna and the girls came up for an impromptu playdate.. the girls giggled over bubbles and colored.. What a treat for Maya..More importantly what a treat for us moms.. Its the one time when we have no kids. These three girls get along so well we have to remember to check on them!
It was so peaceful.. It was soothing to be home.. When was the last time we napped as a family? I haven't the foggiest..All the yard work has paid off.. It was nice to sit out back and see the blooms.. I uploaded some pictures for show and tell and I browsed around for recipes.. I have decided tomorrow will be the day for Pinapple Upside Down cake. I have a ripe pineapple just calling me and SmittenKitchen has a recipe for me to try.. Wish me luck and if you are in town come on by for a piece of cake..

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