Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's almost Friday?? what?

Ok, don't ask me where this week went.. Since I just posted about the weekend, I am trying to figure out where what I did this week and why my head hurts?. It has been busy.. you know the usual 9 to 5. or some days it 7am to10 pm.. it just feels like it never ends.. Thankfully it does and I can log off the work PC and plug back into my normal home life..
We are still investigating flooring options. Hoping we can go out and choose something this weekend. Hope we can afford something!
Soccer practice was hilarious.. I tried to work on Blocking as a skill. yeah, tell six 5 year olds that they can't take the ball away from te player.. it was comedic..
I got my "Seams to me" sewing book delivered today.. Can't wait to peruse those patterns.. But that will have to wait as I am hooked on Little Bee.. Author is C. Cleave, never heard of him.. Love his writing style.. Will share more later..
Nothing on the calendar for the weekend.. I hope I can get to the closet. Its driving me crazy to see my closet. I must purge and compartmentalize.. I have the cleaning itchies.. wish me luck.. everywhere I look I find something out of place..
C'est La Vie

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