Sunday, May 24, 2009

A new bag for Maya

Maya and I usually cook together. We even do crafts together but we have never really sewn together. Well that all changed yesterday when I saw the "Kid Flick" bracelet purse tutorial . It was the perfect little thing to make. It was fast. It was something I could guide her to help with and it yields one super cute bag.. I had to trek to several stores to find plastic bracelets.. Who knew they would be hard to come by? I then stopped at Joann's for some Maya friendly fabric..

Once home Maya was excited to hear that she would get to help with every step.. Her favorite thing was pushing the pedal to "drive" the sewing machine.. It was easy peasy.. Here is Maya's newest bag..


  1. Ummm can I just call you super mom? I'm so proud of you and Maya. What a cute bag. I'm saving your blog to my site so I can keep up on your happenings, so fun. Also you truly are almost Mormon. You have the 6 "Be's" flashing up as a gadget. Those are from the prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. LOVE IT!!! Great words to live by.