Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday night faves..

Oh where do I start? I love Friday nights.. It means the work week has ended and mytime has begun.. This is a BIG weekend.. Mom is 50 today! Seriously! 50! She and Barbie are still struting their stuff.. Happy Birthday Mom!

back to the regularly scheduled program.. yes, some faves..

1) smell of sweets baking.. tonight it is carrot cake... shhh don't tell mom. The cinnamon is swirling around and I can almost taste the yummy goodness of the cake. I better walk an extra 5K to cancel out the fattening effect of one forkful of that cake.. Right.. The recipe is looking mighty delicate. I may have to write it down before it disintegrates..
2) flowers.. walking out my front door I now get to see a lovely huge Hydrengea bush.. It is the pink almost antique brown mottled version.. Like the kind you see on Lombard street in San Fran. They are God's gift to us.. you can't look at a flower and not feel happy.. Hubby has been working on the yard and with the addition of some lovely pink and white cosmos to the backyard.. I can't help but want to go outside for some lemonade.. Its Spring!
3) books.. I hit the library on Wed night. I picked up 5 books for the Missy, 4 back issue magazines and 4 books.. Don't ask me how I will get them all read but I can renew online! Technology has it's perks.

Happy Friday!

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