Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally Friday!

We took the day off! Yipee.. A four day weekend for me.. 5 days for hubby since he took Thursday off to take the Missy to Disney.. Just him and her.. A total surprise to her as she thought he was taking her to school like normal.. They came home exhausted which was not a good thing the night before a family picture.. Yes, bright and not so shiny morning..we were on the road by 8 for our 9:30 session at a duck pond in Vista.. I am amazed that after growing up in Vista I never knew it existed.. Such is life.. Its a big town that feels small..
Anyhow- I am eagerly anticipating the pictures.. It was us 3 plus grandma and Arthur.. It was funny and challenging on a morning where no one had had their coffee, especially me! Our photographer was sooo nice.. I really do hope our pictures aren't the first ones in her portfolio that arent fabulous!
I am beyond tired.. I have been fighting off that bug all week with Airborne but today I am winded. I just want to nap. I don't want to think of all the places that need cleaning. I don't want to think of To Do's .. I want to snooze and then maybe wake up in time to go find some cute bracelets so Missy and I can make a cute bracelet purse.. Julie posted a link to a Kid Flick purse.. It looks so cute and "easy peasy" as Missy would say how can we not make one on this long and lazy weekend.. Yes, I said lazy. the busy bees have NOTHING on the calendar. No Soccer, No birthday parties (those don't start until July) no visiting anyone! So instead of cleaning like I should, I want to play. I want to make that cute bag for Missy and maybe a couple of extra ones for goody gifts.. I want to finish some of the other cute quilts that had to take a back seat to the gift.. Its done! I dropped off the blue and green quilt at the shop since we were in the 'hood this morning.. While I was there I saw soo many fabulous new fabrics.. I'd better finish a couple more quilts before I can justify any more fabric..
Martin just finished Maya's bench.. It looks great. I need to take a picture of it.. He is such a handy guy.. I will have to write an entire blog on how awesome it is to have a handy man for a hubby..It's one of the best qualities in dear hubby..
Maya is happily and quietly coloring in her loft.. she needs her down time and I am sure is just recharging those batteries..She gets in groove where she can just focus on coloring and doesn't want anything except time to color.. So be it.. the girl was at Disney all day and she even rode Space Mountain! She is a roller coaster junkie at 5..
Happy Friday!

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