Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's day weekend recap

It's Spring soccer so we are on the field every week.. I left as soon as the game was up.. We won!
It was a hard fought and hard played game. Maya scored 4 goals and ended up in a tough and tumble battle for the ball. Unfortunately, less than 2 mins left, a headbutt downed her. My poor pumpkin was done. She was crying and in pain. All she knew was that she scored and that the girl was mean.. Oh to be 5 again..

I jumped in my little realiable and off I went.. 85 miles north west..It was an all day excursion to Pasadena for us. Just the 3 of us. Mom, Arthur and I.. I can't remember the last time we have spent time together without other people..Mom and her kids...except that to look at us you would never think we were that or even related. After all there is a petite lady of some foreign origin flanked by a 6 foot tall man and on the other side a chubby 30 something girl.. You would never guess that we shared so much..

We ate a a great place called "Mi Piace".. We shared food and tried some of the recommendations for the meat eating barteneder. We walked up and down the blocks and discovered we all liked the Lush exfloliating/mosturizing bath bar.. I will now be an online shopper as I can't drive 85 miles for soap...We ended up at a neat Cuban restaurant with amazing appetizers..If you are ever in Pasadena and love Mojito's go to the restaurant of that name. I don't drink (so those who know me will probably laugh at the recommendation for a drink) but they do grind the pulp of real sugarcane for the drink, I am assuming that makes it better than your normal concoction.. Mom and Arthur swooned a little over their creations.. I just ate up the warm bread and prawn salad as my feat tapped to the beat of the music. Food and family..

Sunday it was up early to get a start on the tea cookies and carmel apples. You know me, if I am not giving someone a book I am feeding them! Maya was on her ladder and ready by 6:20am.. I had missed her so much how could I refuse letting her help? I knew it would slow me down but you know, we only have so many moments and 5 is flying by for me.. She is a great helper and knows that first we must have our hair in a pony tail and wash our hands.. She will find a way to be ready if it means she can pour, stir, mix or shape.. We had to shape the tea cookies. I love the way her little hands pat the mixture.. He tiny hands perfect for the tablespoon full of sweet dough.. She was so cute with her rows of cookies. Lining up the rows of cookies until she felt every cookie was in the right place.. Before we knew it time had fast forwarded to mid day and we were on our way to Auntie Monica's house.. A car nap for Maya and a new book for me.. More later on "Little Bee." Here is the cover...

At Monica's we were happy to see Ally, Irma, Aunt Lidia and Adrian.. we don't get to see them except for maybe once or twice a year. Mother's day seems to be one of those occaisions that brings them down to break bread with us.. We have a fairly large and disconjointed family so seeing family from LA always brings back old memories.. By 4pm the house was filled with smells of great food and moms.. Hugs and flowers were given freely and with warm wishes.. Mona and all 3 of her kids plus an extra were in good spirits.. Monica the official hostess was prepping food and welcoming the late birds as they came. Grandpa Miguel watched as the kids played Sequence.. Mom and Arthur were joking and fighting with each other in their normal way.. Jessica looked vintage in some dark framed glasses. A newbie to the glasses wearing club..
More food. Lots more food. I will pay for all that goodness tomorrow. However, for today I am grateful to have had the food and more importantly to share it with my family..

The day was capped off by my lovely new" handmade" apron. It was my mother's day gift from Maya.. Her hands in purple across the pockets.. May her hands always be that close to mine..
I can only hope for more wonderful Mother's days filled with family and memories...


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