Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I LOVE the library!

Really.. I love any place that houses books but libraries with their infamous free checkout policies top my list.. We just got back from our Public Library.. The shiny new one on the other side of town. The one with a kids wing the size of the town and "New Releases" section tempting you at the door.. I can't say enough about how great the library is.. For those new to frugality its FREE.. You can check out movies, books on tape, CD's, back issues of magazines, newspapers from all over and again, those darned new releases..
As a self proclaimed bibliophial it is a regular on my list of places to go.. We have been frequenting the library since Maya was in diapers.. She loves books with a CD, I love that I can let her enjoy the book on a car ride as I drive and she flips the pages. I especially like that we can check out books and when we are bored we can pick up a whole new stack..I mean after all bed time reading should not bore a child to sleep..It should inspire some dreams.
Tonight the bag was so heavy Martin asked me if I came to rob the place.. Its so hard to just pick up a few things.. I mean after all as I browsed the shelves I saw the 25th Anniversary edition of the Silver Palate cookbook. Considering that I borrowed that book at least 3 yrs a go from a coworker so I could copy the "carrot cake" recipe that has now become my most requested cake, I had to see whatelse was in that book to try for family... I saw some back issues of Budget Travel with tips on Family vacations and vacations in California- Hello, its summer I need to plan a family vacation.. Then there were the kids books.. Missy loves the Bear series and there was a new one about Bear being sick and it has the read along CD.. Martin tossed in 3 CD's for himself.. I believe we checked out approx 15 books.. Not bad for an hour of browsing.. Now what do I read first?
Happy Reading,

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  1. I have been living at the library studying lol. I even notice there are many regulars there...out wait, they could be noticing me at the same time...dun dun dun!!!