Sunday, May 24, 2009

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"Ah! There is nothing like staying home for real comfort." - Jane Austen

This weekend 7 years ago we were unloading a truck with all of our worldly possessions and moving in to our house..

That house is now "Home" also known as the Galvan Ranch.. The joke when we moved in was that we were out in the middle of nowhere.. I mean you have to pass Temecula proper and trek east on Winchester road up to the French Valley.. You must pass the airport, pass the shooting range, the cows and herds sheep...More houses have been built around us and we even have a grocery store within a stone's throw but the feeling off being away from "town" is not gone.. The cows are still there and we greet them every morning on our way "to town"..

On my daily walk I pass the "French Valley" farm and see the lovely horses in their corrals..I see the chickens pecking for food and the goats roaming. I hear the sounds of farm life.. At times I think that the farm dogs are barking at the rising up of tract communities in perfect rows and small lots because those homes signal the end of the quiet and natural rural setting they enjoy..Its a funny juxtapositon of country and cookie cutter tract housing out here in the French Valley..In between the farm life and the open space there is plenty of suburban life.. The soccer fields are filled on Saturday by hundreds of parents and their kids.. The roads are on constant flow.. Yard sales and BBQ's are common place.. The French Valley is a community...
It's our community.. I honestley can't believe we have been here that long.. It seems like just yeaterday we were marveling at how large a home we purchased and stressing about how we would make ends meet while commuting over 60 miles each way..We didnt have enough furniture or money to fill the house.. We had no immediate family or friends out here. The times have changed and many blessings have come our way.. We have met our neighbors and now count them among our friends.. Missy was born here and knows nowhere else as home.. The heat has grown on us and we have adjusted to even the blazing heat of the summer (with AC of course).. We have personalized our space by adding plants, a builtin TV cabinet and paint on just about every wall..My crayola box of paint colors.. We have welcomed in the years and the neighbors... We are grateful to have a place to rest and play.. We are grateful to call this place, Home.

Sunday Blessings,


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