Sunday, May 2, 2010


This week our girls worked hard!

Taylor took charge and SCORED!

Jessica must have heard me saying "Let no goal go unfinished" because she finished a goal that was almost lost after her two players went down..

Maya ran a ball from one end to another on a fast break..

Alexandra kept the other team on their toes with her power shots..

It was clear this week that the girls gelled as a team and just about everyone scored a goal..
It was amazing to see those girls spring into action this week.. We spent our last practice focused on a skill per girl.. On Satuday they showed us the pay off..

Look at Katelyn taking command and Jessica and Alexandra blocking..

They each stepped up, kept the pressure on the other team and ran that ball! The coverage was spot on...

Here's a shot of Rylee going in for a goal.. She is determined.. Awesome!

Those are the moments that make coaching worth every minute..

Thank you to my girls for their hard work..
Coach Alex

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