Sunday, May 23, 2010

GO Sock-er Monkeys!

After missing last Saturday's game I was bummed to hear that our girls were missing their spark.. I struggled all week to try to figure out how I would put the excitement back in soccer.. I started Thursday's practice asking the girls to share what they liked about playing soccer.. I made it a point to make sure we had fun and us coaches all spent extra time working with them and cheering them on. After practice I was still stumped but by Saturday morning, I had a good feeling.. and a fun idea....
I went out with Maya and got some PINK GLITTER HAIR SPRAY and some temporary tattoos.. (at first the prude in me was against the tattoos but I figured, they were like stickers and I knew the girls would enjoy them). The girls laughed and giggled as their lovely locks went PINK.. Their smiles sparkled even brighter with the glittery crown...

After a fun round of warm up with coach Steve (OUR ROCK) the girls were pumped.. We coaches were ready to cheer them on..
Maya's cheering section was full courtesy of a surprise visit from grandpa, grandma Galvan, auntie KENYA and the Hernandez family with noise maker!
The game was intense, the score was all over and the girls pushed harder, faster and stronger.. Once again, my heart swelled with pride. I saw them trying so hard. I wanted to run around the fields and tell others families that they needed to watch these girls. Our opponents were pushing us and we were with them every step.. We didn't let them take an inch..
Look at the determination and the effort..these girls were in the game!
It was everything a soccer game should be.. It was exciting. It was energetic. It was fun to watch.. Thank you to all my Sock-er Monkeys for the memories.. The season is not done and I know we will finish it with flare..keep up the good work! I am so privledged to be on the sidelines watching these little girls play, cheer, learn, cry and take soccer to the next level. I am not coaching them, they are teaching me about what sports can be. Inspiration and Fun..
Coach Alex


  1. It was great seeing all of you (:

  2. Hey can you please email me the picture of all of us together so that I can have a bigger one?

    Thanks! (: