Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Maya!

No, that is not a typo.. At our house Missy decided it was all about Cinco de Mayo.. She wanted to take Tostadas to school and oh yeah, she also wanted some authentic Mexican garb.. Sure, let me just wave my magic wand..
Of course, I had to scramble to think of what she could possibly wear to pull a Mexican look for the day.. With all of 24 hours notice I went into action. I called neighbors and aunts.. I was able to get a home made skirt with the colors of the flag.. Why didnt I think of that? I ran to Joann's on my way to book club and picked up spools of ribbon in the traditional Red, White and Green of the Mexican flag and some Red Satin.. I figured I could make a wrap/shawl of some sort..
I was up until 12 cursing satin (Note: Fray block does not dry clear on satin. Don't say I didnt warn you..) but I managed to get the edges stiched..
Maya was thrilled with the shawl but couldnt believe I hadn't sewn her a blouse! What?? I don't sew! I quilt! Is she new? I am amazed I could even figure out the shawl but that was a rectangle trimmed in lace, close enough to a quilt top.. I am just saying..
It makes me giggle at how funny Maya is..She gets an idea and then its all about making it happen.. Wish me luck I have a life time of ideas coming my way.. The adventures of mommyhood..
Here is little Missy in her "Authentic Mexican" outfit..