Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cheers for Teachers!

I am a nerd.. I love school, love paper, learning and yes, teachers.. Some of my favorite people are..You guessed it... Teachers.. Well it was teacher appreciation week this week at LES. The Lions all came out to thank those special people who take on teaching..
Thank you Mrs. Iverson!
Friday we managed to bring in the heartfelt and homemade. The pencil covered vase was a huge hit.. Don't we love crafty bloggers? I Do.. I have to find the link to where I got that idea last year..
Missy made sure we remembered to bake for Mrs. Iverson.. However, because we are so blessed to have extra "teachers" in the form of aides and child care workers, we could not stop at with Mrs. Iverson.. Of course she got some extra goodies, but we figured sweets all around would be a nice way to show our appreciation..

Hurray for Teachers!

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