Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Mother's day gathering..

Once again Monica hosted and cooked up a feast..

It's our yearly reason to meet, eat and trade goodies.. I made goodie boxes with scones, white cookies and homemade almond biscotti courtesy of a recipe from who else? Smittenkitchen... I was also lucky enough to find these lovely boxes at Cost Plus.. So cute...
It was a multgenerational affair.
My aunt Josefina is the oldest, my aunt Chelo is the middle and my mom is the last of 15 children..
My Aunt Lidia and her girls, Ally and Irma..the always bring the CHINATOWN cake! Love it!

Ally and Adrian..
Maya and I got one picture! Every once in awhile I have to turn the camera over so I can get a memory shot..
Mona and her kids were spotted enjoying a mom moment..

As were Monica and her 2 silly family..

My mom, Arthur and I posed for our annual shot..

We all ate and laughed, watched TV, caught up on family events and sooner or later we all ended up in a mountain of people..

It was a great Mother's day!

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