Monday, May 31, 2010

New Shoes...

I have slowly become obsessed with red.. I used to be scared of red. It was too powerful.. I also had memories of my dad saying I could not wear red nail polish for Sprit Fridays in high school.. (To this day I can't wear any nail polish except clear, yes, I am that weird)..
Over time I have found myself more attracted to red in all its variations.. It started with a deep wine red for my walls.. I was thrilled when Martin humored me and painted the entire family room and kitchen in my chosen red. (I know best hubby)... To this day I love the color and now even my laundry room is deep wine red...
Then one day I had a pedicure and ventured to red with a little shimmer.. I was pleasantly surprised at how feminine my feet looked..I mean I have size 9s there is nothing dainty about them...
In quilting, I was drawn to Amerciana quilts and somehow always find a little red in my quilts. It's just that little pop in a flower, a gigham check.. a little heart.... I love that Julie claims Red as her favorite color..Someday I hope to be that brave..
It's funny because now that I think about it Martin must like red too because he bought me a red sweater for Christmas that made it into a family picture..
Then there's Candy, my new kitchen aid. It was her Ferrari red that I couldn't resist (again, best hubby).

The last frontier was shoes.. I mean forget the fact that I am Ms. Practical and boring, my shoes tend to also be functional and not so stylish... Deanna has tried to educate me on the finer points of clothes but without her I am not always as successful at finding the right outfit.. I am a work in progress and Deanna has her work cut out for her.. But I digress..
Deanna owns this FABULOUS pair of Charles & David platform heels that I admire.. I have tried them on and felt amazingly daring but in a fun way... Then about a year ago another blog I read had this cute pair of red shoes in the banner.. Super cute and not as amazing as Deanna's but safer. Something that I could picture myself wearing.. But me, I don't own anything like that, or I didnt..
Saturday morning Maya and I headed to the mall in search of a gift.. Next thing I know I come across these

My first instinct was to get them in black or brown..but my little fashion forward side kick said "RED"... I debated.. I didn't find my size at first.. when I did find them I knew it was meant to be.. They didn't dissapoint.. With a $5 buck coupon for Old Navy in hand (I told you practical, frugal, that's me) I took these home..
They are fun and not too high.. Looking forward to sporting them this summer.. I wonder if they will transport me to Oz if I click my heels?

Hee Hee,

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  1. I love that your embracing your inner sass! Let loose and have fun. Red is fabulous!