Saturday, May 22, 2010

50 years!

My cousin Monica celebrated her 50th this year.. She has been a constant in my life.. From the time I was born I don't think I have ever lived farther than 1 hr from her.. I remember sharng a room with her and Mona when I could..
It's neat that our lives have come full circle.. She babysit me.. I got to babysit her kids and now my little one loves to play with her kids, dogs and hug her "auntie Monica"..

Monica was the recipient of the 5 lady's quilt..I had to make something worthy of Monica..

Her kids Joe and Miriam shared some smiles and a seat at the party...

Thankfully Ed was home safe and sound from Iraq and there was lots of Love and goofing around in honor of Monica..
Happy Birthday Monica..
Big Hugs!

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