Monday, July 20, 2009

Who knew?

That TV had truly stooped so low? That it has become a vehicle for useless chit chat and brain clutter.. I rarely watch tv. Mosty, because I don't like to waste time sitting still.. I have too many things to do whether its run Maya to a class, cook dinner, bake, blog, read, craft, etc. I mean we only have 24 hrs in a day.. I can't waste them... Besides occasional peeks at Maya's shows to make sure they are appropriate I just don't have a compeling reason to be in front of the tube.. I gave up on TV shows long ago and although I always tape Oprah I rarely am caught up and can control how much I see.... If ever the TV it is on the channel is dialed into Food Network since its good for backgrond noise (and occasional ideas)..but I digress...Today after work for some odd reason, like not wanting to go out in to 100 degree weather, I was channel surfing.. First off, I recognized nothing.. the few times I did stop I was floored at how dumb the commercials were.. Honestly, is that what sells? to whom? I stopped for a few moments on some random shows and literally was disgusted.. All the drama, phoniness and lack of real substance.. I told Martin I could feel my brain cells dying..I firmly believe its the most important muscle we have and it needs constant excersize.. He just gave me one of those "whatever" looks.. but really.. All I could think of was no wonder its called the Idiot box.. its a waste of time! It makes people vegatables and sucks them in for nonsense...Please someone tell me otherwise..send me something worth watching..something of creative, educational or artistic value.. Heck I will even go for a good family sitcom.. There were days when everyone could and would watch a show.. where you didnt worry about the content or who was in the room.. Yeah, I know.. I am an ole fogie.. I was born 40 as Arthur always tells me.. Oh well. I wasn't impressed.. I hope it was just an odd summer of useless filler stuff but somehow I doubt it..Until the real shows come forward to enlighten and engage, I will stick to my books, magazines, and hobbies.. My brain is much happier when its been chanllenged. Like a flower without water a bored brain will wilt from lack of proper stimulation...

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