Sunday, July 12, 2009

Road trip on Route 66

We hit the road this past Thursday on our way to a mini-oasis.. Larry and his wife Terri were generous enough to host us for a weekend retreat to Bullhead City, Arizona.. The led us along route 66 on a known shortcut..
The drive there was fun and dotted with historic commentary from Larry over the walkie-talkie. Maya loved getting messages on the walkie and demanded to be responsible for it..The 4 hours flew by with a few strategic stops for gas and sight seeing. We made it to the Amboy stop and saw some beautiful desert skylines. The open road was a much needed reprieve from the daily hussle and bussel of our normal life.

Friday morning we set out for the Mojave lake.. the lake would be better for newbies and we had the whole day to enjoy. It was everything and more.. the bumpy road on the way down was a mini-Disney ride for Maya..On the way back up we would help tow a car out.. She could see nothing but desert and hills from her car seat.. The sights were amazing.. When we finally made it down the path we were faced with a shimmering and gimmering body of water that looked amazing in the morning sunlight.

After unloading the gear and the jet ski's we all took turns learning how to ride. It was great. The water was calm and the skis were forgiving to us novice riders..
Maya and Martin about to ride..
Saturday the guys went shooting. Martin has been wanting to go out shooting for a while but lately its only been on the paintball fields.. Larry, Tony and Martin left by 7am at which time it was already about 75 or 80 degrees and full sun.. Once they returned we headed out to the Colorado River and once again enjoyed the water on the skis. A quick thuderstorm forced us to hide under the pop up but didnt cut our fun. It was just another fun memory from the trip. Slight rain in 100 degree whether is nothing if not welcome.. The sun continued to beat down on us and the current on the river was much stronger than Friday's gentle lake..

We headed back to the house ot our gear and hit the road. This time we would take the normal route back and add an hour.. It was a long 5 hrs.. Maya is such a good traveler she didnt ask if we were home until we were less than an hour from home.. Dad had treated her to McD's for a late dinner so she was all set with a new CD of KidzBop music..
The ride back was as lovely as the ride there.. the sights of the desert will always remind us of the trip to the lake and all the great fun we had with our friends..
Now back to life in our own desert...

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