Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Cha Doing?... Wednesday

Today I am just trying to gather my thoughts.. I am plotting craft days.. I am thinking of which project must be done by when. Christmas is less than 6 months out! I am avoiding a second walk and I am trying to be productive while I listen to the water run.. Missy is in the tub..
I already took my morning walk. Today it was a lonely walk since my neighbor didn't meet me.. Its okay.. I walked to the gym and did 20 on the elliptical.. I broke a decent sweat while I heard scary news stories and glazed over at the confirmation hearings.. I feel like a lazy cat on a cozy afternoon except that I know I should take an evening stroll or water my dying door step plants..Its 7:15pm and its still daylight and oh yeah HOT.. I am sure its still at least 80 outside..We are nice and fresh in the house with the ends of the AC blowing through..
It's hump day and pay day.. I wrote out the bills already- yes the old fashioned way with checks.. I just don't have the energy for anything else.. I want to cacoon until October..But life must go on.. there are things to do and work to be done.. Maya and I have a Junie B Jones book to finish.. My super sweet Knit Two book is waiting for me in bed.... A comfy read for bed time..
Gotta run, Missy is ready for her scrub..
Happy Hump day!

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