Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beauty Shop

Maya is all girl.. She loves dresses, all things pink and anything sparkly.. I am sure it was a generational skip that I had nothing to do with.. We have had a few glimpses into what the future holds after all her princess tea party for her fifth birthday was a mini-quincenera.. We are still recovering..
As much as I try to keep her a baby..she is quickly becoming a longer a toddler.. So whatelse does a super girly girl want? Nail polish!!! We have only allowed it a few times.. We seem to be loosing the battle... Apparently, the girls at summer camp were having a pampering hour.. Maya came home yesterday asking for permission to have her nails done.. Its summer.. sure...
Today, Ms. Lisa, at summer Kamp did her nails.. She came home with a pink and purple creation.. She was grining from ear to ear.. she showed off her nails to anyone who we saw and even told her friends via phone that she had a "pinkish purplish polish" on her nails..

Tonight after bath I had to put her hair in rollers. Her dress rehearsal is tomorrow and they want them in full garb.. Tutu, special tights, purple laces, makeup and hair.. Since her hair is stick straight it meant mom had to roll her hair in old fashioned pink foam curlers.. The fun part was pleading with her to hold still while I dried her hair. No matter that I used the cold setting, she acts as if I am toturing her. A little drama for good measure.....

Tomorrow she will have a full head of bouncy curls.. Let's hope they make it through the rehearsal..

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