Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's my life continued...

It's Tuesday again! Ms. Julie and her family history series has me hooked.. It's been neat to think of some of my family history.. to see the fabric of my life in reverse and appreciate the pieces of the puzzle that add up to me in the here and now...

This week we are still focused on the home..I will again focuse on the apartment at Oak terrace which was were we lived the longest.
1) Can you remember what you daydreamed about as you looked out of your bedroom window?
I didn't day dream about any one thing.. but I do remember just sitting on my bed wondering if I could study enough for school, read my books fast enough or fit any more posters on the wall.. Since my brother and I shared a room I was always trying to figure out how to arrange it to maximize the floor space. Looking outside of my window I would have only seen more apartments..

2) What was your parents' room like? The beds, the bedspreads, the easy chairs? Did you spend much time in there with them? Were you allowed to rest in their beds when you were sick?
My mom and dad's room was clean and orderly while bare.. My dad was a Marine so everything was well organized. They had a queen sized bed with no frame. It was not really decorated although I do remember my mom having a few porcelain masks on the wall.. There were no chairs or other things to sit on. We were not really allowed in their room.. The door was closed most of the time..I only went in to vacuum because my dad like to see the vacuum tracks. Even if we were sick it was not a room we went into. My dad would say that we needed to contain our germs in our room so the rest of the house wouldn't get sick. I can only really remember one time going in to watch the end of Beaches with my mom and crying at the movie's ending.

3) Was there music in your house? Do you remember it being a quiet house or one filled with noise? It was a noisy house. Four people in a two bedroom meant that there was always someone making noise. My brother could be playing video games, or entertaining some of his friends..Mom cooked, cleaned and was always watching everyone else. Dad may have been organizing baketball cards, watching a game or ironing. There was always music. Each room could have music. I had my own stereo that was my 8th grade graduation gift. My dad loved music and was always playing one of his albums- yes Records! We listened to everything from his collection which was mostly R&B.. He played the SOS band, Al Green and Keith Sweat. If I never hear Keith Sweat again, I think I would still know all the songs from memory.. If I hear Al Green now I always think of my dad..If I hear dance music or disco I think of my mom. It was such a loud house I was shocked by the quiet when I was in college. I had to study in noisy places because that was what I was used to..
One memory from before my brother was born was of a little radio that my mom had on the window ledge. I remember I had a neighbor named Valerie in that particular apartment. At the time, I remember the Bee Gees and Christopher Cross streaming in from the little radio on the ledge in the kitchen.

4) Was there any place in your house that scared you? The basement? The attic? Or anyplace where you felt cozy, like halfway down the stairs?
Nope.. Again, living in a single story apartment we didnt have attics, basements or stairs.. Our couches were cozy and well lived in.. we often fell asleep on the couches. I have always been slightly superstitious so I didn't like open closets at night but other than that there was no where that was creepy..

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