Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a weekend...

it has been another one of those not quite long enough weekends.. Its been hot, its been fun and most of all its been a good summer weekend filled with friends and family..
It started early since Missy had her dress rehearsal and I can't belive its already Sunday!
The show was a sight.. picture dozens of little girls from 4 to 8 in bright costumes with tutus and even feathers.. Watching the dear in headlights faces of some of them was enough to make you giggle.. Others took to the stage without batting a mascara cover lash... Can't wait for the real thing this Friday night..
Friday was also the day the Bell family finally drove back home.. Thank goodness because I have been missing my girl time... My partner in crime for all things has been MIA for 2 weeks. Oh sure she took great barn pictures for me and brought us some goodies (THANK YOU!) but the Bells were gone.. No Grace, Lily, auntie Carl or auntie Deanna for 16 days! Seriously there is only so much we can bear. I know my husband felt the loss as he had to put up with me more than normal.. No sneaking off for coffee, no playdates with the hanging out in the studio..In Martin's word, "No grasshopper". I was itching for their return..I honestly had to restrain myself from showing up at their doorstep to welcome them home.. I am very proud of myself, I waited until the next morning.. I literally woke Deanna up because I couldn't wait any longer. Maya and the girls dissapeared on us. The played in the pool in the 95 plus degress whether.. they ate 2 meals..the guys even made a trip to the gun shop and us, well we chated, we cooked, and we comiserated about the projects..oh yes and we drove to the quilt shop for more fabric.. Deanna held back during her whole trip and I don't think I have bought any fabric since she left, we were overdue! Welcome back Bells.. glad your home..
After our visit to the Bell home we headed over to the Hernandez house for a photography stint.. I was officially asked to take pictures and I was glad to be of service. Angie and Gonzalo have been great to us over the was a small favor for people who will let me come over for a dip in the pool whenever we ask..For those of you who know that 100 degress is nothing in the summer here at the ranch you know how much that means.. Bev and Kenya were over there which was great since it meant Maya got some extra auntie cuddles and attention while mom played photographer.
Today Maya and I had a long anticipated playdate with the Garcia girls.. Maya and Charley had been inseparable at preschool. They were best pals and had been missing each other this summer since Charley was blessed enough to not have to go to Kids Kamp in the summer. We met for Lunch at Maya's favorite burger place, Red Robin.. They girls were squirmy and giggly in other words they were 5 yr olds.. After that it was to Old Town for a kids production of Beauty and the Beast.. Maya and Charley clapped so hard I thought their palms would be red.. It was a neat production and we were lucky to catch it on the one and only day it ran.. The kids were trying so hard, their voices were lovely and the show was a hit all around.. Maya even mentioned how she would like to play Belle.. I hope she is willing to start as a spoon or a villager, but knowing my girl nothing will stop her until she gets the role she wants..
Sunday Blessings,

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