Monday, January 25, 2010

Manic Monday

Remember that 80's song by the Bangles? I love it.. It was a bit of a Manic Monday for me.. I wasn't ready to get up and start the day but the alarm was sounding, Maya was tugging on me and my dream was over.. Thankfully the day turned out.. After some coffee and a yummy left over scone, I was ready to tackle my Monday..
I won't bore you with the gory details of my "work day" fill in the blanks as you will..
It was another frosty day.. The kind where even 2 layers, a scarf and a coat didn't keep the chill out..Remind me of this when I am baking in the summer and praying for cooler temperatures..
Anyhow.. Dinner tonight was a check on the list..Who doesn't love lists? No, I think its the New Year's resolution thing.. I am still thinking in terms of goals. So I am on a mini-mission. I am determined to use what I have on hand for dinner. I am sure eventually I will go crazy with menu planning. In reality, I am hoping to get into a better routine with dinner plans. I hate thinking of what to cook at 5:30! I am also trying to be practical and use what I have on hand before the food goes bad or I forget what I bought it for. I don't like to throw money away.. I saw a show where they put a price tag on every item the people threw out because it expired before they used it. It made a lasting impression.. Secondly, my frugality and financial goals are also keeping me alert to the fact that if I use what is on hand, I won't run out to the store for extra ingredients (or impulse buys)..I know you are laughing at me.. It's ok, but you know that deep down inside you have had these same boring and practical thoughts.. You Know...
After dinner it was time to walk it off.. The gym was calling me, even when I tried to ignore its call.. Martin faked exhaustion and volunteered to wash dishes.. Hey you don't have to tell me twice, my dish pan hands are thankful for a night off.. Missy loves going to the kids club so not only do I get a workout but she gets some "Kid Time." Oh yeah, back to those resolutions.. Who was it that said working out is the number 1 resolution? Yeah. Workout more. Its on the list..Check..
Last but not least.. I am always trying to be more organized.. Shh, don't tell Martin because he is always telling me and Missy to toss something out instead of finding its home.. but back to my madness.. I decided that I could cross two things off my list, you know multitasking.. I can skim my magazines while I walk on the treadmill. In case you haven't been to my house lately, you may not be aware of my crazy magazine collection.. I have every issue of O, a few years of Cooking Light, Better Homes and Gardens, Rachel Ray, Parenting, etc.. Martin has tried to toss them.. I keep restacking and moving piles.. But I finally saw the light. I love paper, I love magazines but I just can't keep them all. Not to mention there are new subscriptions I want to have! Hee hee.. So today I cut out a few recipes and a neat kitchen redo..The rest of the magaine was donated to my gym. Hey! That is 3 goals in one.. I exercised, organized, and made my hubby happy by disposing of one magazine.. Baby steps..
So if you are ever in need magazines stop by. You are welcome to take as many as you can.. I am ok with you cutting pictures, reading the articles or using them for kindling.. Hey I can be green too..

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