Saturday, January 30, 2010

A big milestone..

Who knew it would come so soon? Not me..

I honestly thought I would get a call by 8:30 saying "ok mommy, I am done playing at aunties please come pick me up".. No such luck..

My big girl was thrilled at the invitation from auntie Deanna on behalf of Grace and Lily to spend the night..

She has been asking to see the girls just about every day, I think the idea of a sleepover sounded too wonderful to be true.. She was itching to go.. She had her suitcase and her gear ready.. Even the few tears that she shed I think were for mommy and not because she wasn't ready.. She knew I wasn't and that if she reassured me, we'd both be ok..

Look at her, she is ready for the world.. I only hope the world is ready for her..
They say parents have to give their kids wings.. well most times my little one is the one who lifts me up.
Sweet Dreams Maya Bear..
Mama and Daddy

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