Sunday, December 13, 2009

Festive Friday Night!

It poured this weekend..
Friday night the storm made me slightly anxious as I drove to Vista with Maya in tow.. I gave myself extra time, I made sure I left a cushion between me and other cars and I am sure I signed the cross at least once.. Thankfully, we arrived safe and sound.. Monica's house was shelter in the storm.. I am sure it was a great night for the menorahs to be lit in Jewish homes.. An opportunity to reflect on the miracle of the 8 nights under the cover of cleansing water.. Shalom..
I unbundled Missy and snacked on the goodies Monica was getting ready to set out for the rest of the ladies. She would make Martha herself proud with her cheese plate, tiramisu cake, artichoke salad and other savory treats..Hugs and kisses, I will be back.. I am off to drool at Julie's fabulous home and wish my quilting pals a Merry Christmas..
Drool is right.. Julie has a lovely home. It's not only charming and welcoming it tells the story of a lovely family.. The Isa's are a happy and rambunctious bunch.. You smile when you see them because they emit a friendly warmth and kindness..
The ladies brought some fabulous food ranging from a light and tasty salad, which I need to request the recipe for, to an amazing red velvet dessert that made me wish I could like the spoons! No matter the food on the table it was the company and the delightful snow man craft that made the night.. How lucky are we to have such an amazing group of women to share our family stories over quilts with? Blessed and grateful...
Now back to the second party of the night.. The white Elephant party at Monica's was in full swing and to my surprise a cousin whom I hadn't seen in ages was present. How sad is it that we let so many years pass? Thankfully we all seem to find our way back to our family in time of need and festivity.. My cousin Evelyn is now a woman.. She has a family and a little boy who shares my name.. Small world..
The night was spent catching up and eating Monica's amazing goodies..When we were as satisfied as chesire cats it was time to pass our mystery gifts left and right according to the reading.. We had a blast and ended up with new treats to take home..
What a wonderful night to kick off a much needed weekend..

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