Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer fun!

Where do I start?  Maya got out  of school what seems like yesterday but was really months ago..
 Every time I think I will have a minute to breath something else comes up.. So here are some of the things Maya did this summer..

She took a week long soccer camp with the LeBrun boys...They were such troopers.. it was about 95 degrees in the shade.. (of which they had none). it was full sun all week long..

She took 3 sewing classes at our local Joann's with Zea.. Look at her behind her very own Hello Kitty machine.. (Thank you Auntie Deanna!)..

 My favorite part of the class was what Maya did with the scraps of fabric.. She made herself a no-sew outfit.. Not bad.. I have seen worse outfits on some designer shows..
 Maya and Zea and their American girl dolls also had a mini-spa day... Yes, those are cucumbers on their eyes.. I didn't realize 8 yr olds had puffy eyes..
She had a week of Girl Scout camp...

These are just the highlights.. She managed to spend a whole week at Auntie Deanna's so she could go to summer school with Grace and Lily.. She also had regular day camp at her school which meant she came home with lots of crafts and neat hairdos thanks to Mrs. Coltrain.. I am sure I am forgetting something..
Summer was full of camps and friends..

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