Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Road Trip..

This summer our two week vacation was a road trip to Montana.. Whitefish to be exact.. We headed out at 4am with the Bells on July 1st..We crossed through several states on our two day trek.. The girls survived with movies, animal and landmark games and a few rest stops along the way...
There were stops at Cracker Barrel to refuel along the way..

 We are almost there.. we had to get by this HUGE lake.. yes, it looked like the ocean..

 We went up Big Mountain on the ski lifts.. Behind us is Canada!
 Deanna, Carl, Grace and Lily on big mountain..

 This picture of Lily is priceless.. The water was so cold but they wanted to swim!

Somehow our two tribes managed to survive and enjoy two weeks together..
We visited the Herrmann family in Whitefish, discovered coffee and pink holstered cap guns. So much fun.. 

We visited Glacier National Park (there are still glaciers there!).  Glacier will have to be its own post as we got some great pictures.

We rode the pontoon boat out on Whitefish lake thanks to Grandpa Herrmann. 

We stayed at a great cabin with a wonderful view of the lake..  Martin and Carl spent a lot of time relaxing... 
We made some great memories with the Bells.. We ate some great food. Sushi in Montana.. Who Knew?. Deanna and I came back with lots of coffee (Montana Coffee Traders rocks!), pictures of everything from the kids to the mountains and most importantly memories of our silly families....
Time flies when you are having fun!

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