Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ahoy Mickey!

In case you wondered where we were... We took a cruise.. a Disney Cruise...It was our first real family vacation.. Our first cruise ever.. I apparently don't have sea legs as I had to hold on to my chair and take Stay Calm several times.. Martin and Maya are apparently half fish..
Here are Martin and Maya inspecting our room.. We had a balcony and plenty of room to spread out..
It was a great experience and a real treat for Maya. She loved every minute of being in the pool, eating dinner with our wait staff who catered to her every need or whim and sleeping in.. The TV is playing Disney movies around the clock... we saw classics like 101 Dalmations and Alice in Wonderland as we dressed for dinner or after the shows.. The boat is a floating city.. Ours had several pools, running deck, gym, movie theater, show theater, 3 restaurants/buffets and of course all the Disney Characters..
The characters make their rounds on a regular bases.. Maya got to meet the princesses and Mickey after Dad so generously stood in line for about an hour....

We had so much fun we can't wait to set sail again...

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