Monday, January 31, 2011

Stop wiggling your tooth!

Most days Maya is a normal happy go-lucky kid.. But for the past few weeks her tooth has been driving her and her parental units crazy.... First, it turned brown because she was rough housing with her best pal.. Off to the dentist.. Thankfully, he said, the tooth was dead but the next one is on its way. We needed to wait it out and let this one fall in its own time..
Well every day Maya wiggled her tooth just a little more. Every day the darn thing hung on and got darker..
The days turned into weeks Missy went from antsy to broken record. "Mom it won't come out" and "Mom, I only lost 2 teeth but so and so lost 8.." and "Mom, I can't chew" or "It hurts, is it crooked?"
Well today I was done..
My happy girl has been more like "Ramona the Pest" than "Maya the Happy"..Today when I went to pick her up even her teacher commented that Maya wanted her tooth out and had noticed it was close..In teacher speak, I am sure that meant "She is driving me nuts". I warned her that if she didn't let it be I was going to pull it. "NO, MOM IT WILL HURT!"..Note:, she calls those excited marks..
I tried to pull it right after she got home and it bled.. Darn.. not yet..or so I thought..
At the dinner table, she started the whining.. That's it.."get over here so I can pull it!".. Martin laughed..he warned her she was not picking the right parent. I am not gentle.. Well too bad, she has been driving me crazy.. I told her I would try again and if it was ready it would not hurt.. Right? I knew this thing was close.. The tooth fairies must have been smiling and on my side..
I literally barely touched it. I told her open and stand still, let me figure out how to grab it.. blink, pop.. "Oh, here is your tooth" ... even I was shocked.. Maya in her widest eyes says "Mom, my tooth!" and starts bawling.. Maya you are fine.. It doesnt hurt..Look no blood..So between us, even I don't remember the exact pull, but I touched it and next thing I saw I had a clean break. Martin meanwhile is laughing.. He says you should have seen the look on her face.. Pure Shock!
Heck, relief is more like it..We could now get on with our dinner..
She is still crying but also is now laughing.. Ok, get over it..Wipe away the tears.. Now let me run and get that camera... See..this is my happy girl..
Here she is with her first top tooth missing.. our little toothless wonder...Until the next tooth... May it be less dramatic..

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