Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Settling into the new year...

After the holidays are over it always takes me weeks to feel settled.. This year was no different.. As you can tell by the new blog background and the lack of current entries I have been stumped. The new blogger backgrounds do not want to cooperate with my chosen templates.. So for now I will have to live with the out of the box options.. C'est la vie...
This year not only snuck up on me, but it's the first year that I didn't torture myself with resolutions.. I finally wrapped my head around the reality that year long goals are too much to take on.. With all the things that I already juggle at home and work, why add another thing to the to do list? This year its all about less being more.. Are you with me?

I realize by now you may be face down on your computer from boredom and for that I am clearly at fault but stick with me.. The year has only just begun.. I hope to get better at this blogging business.. I may take some real lessons in digital photography so that I can do more than just force people to smile when I come by with my camera.. I hope to get back into the quilting swing. If all goes well I may have some finished projects at the end of the year and my stash will dwindle (only to clear space for new lovely yards of fabric)..

Our family is always top of the list.. and with a new 4 legged member it means more time outside for exercise.. yes, you read right.. Izzy joined the family.. I was trapped and pressured I tell you.. Jake is taking to her and sharing his yard.. Maya is beside herself with happiness and asking nightly when Izzy will get to sleep in her room..Here is Maya cuddling with Izzy..

So whatelse is in store for 2011? Your guess is as good as mine.. I am thrilled that we are both still gainfully employed.. Maya is taking well to her new school.. Although I know she only goes because she has too.. That girl would be happy to never leave her home.. And while I realize that is crazy it also makes me slightly happy as a mom.. She feels safe and happy at home..

At the end of the day that is all I have ever wanted.. Its everything and more than I could have wished for to have a family of my own.. We are all healthy and happy.. How blessed could we be?

Happiness to you and yours in 2011!

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    I miss Maya tonss & cannot wait to see her <3